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Real Estate Litigation

At The Law Offices of Joseph Miskabi, we represent various clients- real estate investors, real estate developers, property managers, lenders, borrowers, lessors, lessees and brokers- in connection with real estate partnership disputes, construction disputes, leasing disputes, landlord/tenant disputes, unlawful detainers, real property purchase and sale disputes, boundary line disputes, easement disputes, failure to disclose disputes, quiet title actions and specific performance actions.

Real estate litigation can be a stressful and challenging experience.  At the Law Offices of Joseph Miskabi, we will review and analyze your real estate litigation matter and clearly explain your options to you.  We believe in an efficient, effective and economical approach to real estate litigation- including attempting to resolve matters through alternative dispute resolution such as mediation or arbitration.  If informal resolution is impossible, we believe in aggressively litigating real estate matters and attempting to obtain the most favorable results for our clients.  

Previously, Mr. Miskabi has participated in obtaining a defense judgment on a $2,087,000.00 claim in connection with a real estate transaction dispute.

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