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Business Litigation

At The Law Offices of Joseph Miskabi, we handle various business litigation matters including partnership and corporate disputes, contractual disputes, collections, loan/usury, mechanic's lien/foreclosure disputes, contractor issues, insurance bad faith matters and arbitrations. 

When business and contract disputes cannot be resolved through informal negotiations, litigation may become necessary.  At the Law Offices of Joseph Miskabi, we always endeavor to resolve business disputes through informal means.  This approach generally is more efficient, cost-effective and results in the more prompt resolution of a matter.  However, when informal means fail to favorably resolve a matter, we approach business litigation with an aggressive and calculated strategy, including economical and effective motion and discovery practice.  We also communicate with our clients at every step of the process in order to help them achieve their desired goals- whether through a negotiated settlement or through judgment at trial.

Mr. Miskabi has obtained numerous favorable settlements for his clients in high stakes business disputes and has participated in obtaining a defense judgment for a client on a $2.08 million claim.

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